Privacy Policy collects as little information about you as possible. However, in order to provide our services, to guarantee the security of your data or to obtain your opinion about certain pages, we may need certain personal information. treats your personal data with care and ensures that your privacy is protected.

What information does collect about me?

We collect personal information that you provide to us when you use or register for one of our services and when you contact us directly through any communication channel (for example, via support tickets, chat, or phone calls; we also collect information when you contact us, such as via support requests, comments, or information about your requests and our response). This collection is necessary for us to provide our services to you. We also use cookies and similar technologies on our websites and in our mobile apps to collect information about interactions and your use of our Services. The following are the types of personal information we collect from you:

Contact details

  • Your last name
  • Your first name
  • Your company name
  • Your email address
  • Your mobile phone number
  • Your postal address

Access data

  • Passwords and security information for authentication and access

Interactions data

  • Device data
    • Configuration of the device
    • IP address(es)
    • Locale and language settings
    • Access points near your device
  • Personal information related to payments, such as billing address or credit card information (for users of fee-based services)
  • Personal information that you disclose in your communications with us (e.g. identity card, passport or official company registration documents, minutes of an association, certificate of inheritance, death certificates).

How does use my personal information?

Your personal data is not necessarily collected with a specific use framework in mind. Personal data may be used, depending on the type, to:

  1. To perform a contract or take action to enter into a contract with us
  2. to provide and be able to use services and products of
  3. To continuously improve services and products
  4. Provide administrative and technical support to our customers
  5. Contact our customers to inform them about events with consequences for services and products and to send promotional messages
  6. To enable the identification of new customers
  7. Comply with applicable laws and regulations
  8. To comply with official requests or legal obligations
  9. Enable to process applications for open positions

Does share my data with third parties?

We protect and process your personal information as if it were our own and never share your personal information with third parties without good reason. Third parties are not authorized to use your information for any purpose other than that described in our privacy policy anyway

How can I update my personal data?

You have control over your personal data and can update it at any time in the customer portal or request its complete deletion.

Can I check my personal data?

Access your account or contact us to view your account information (e.g., your name, phone number, and billing address)

You can also unsubscribe from our marketing communications by following the instructions we include at the bottom of each email sent. This is not possible for messages concerning technical interventions or further developments of your products.

Closing an account and deleting your data

You may request closure of your account if all products and services have been deleted from your account prior to closure by you. If the account still contains active products or services, it cannot be closed.

Deletion of data is only possible if your data is no longer required for the services you have purchased or is not necessary for our legitimate products for business reasons or due to legal or contractual requirements related to record keeping.

When closing your account, you can request the deletion of your personal data. Please note that it may take up to 30 days to delete all data related to your account. Unless you request otherwise, will automatically delete all of your data six months after your account is terminated. After deletion, you will not be able to access your account or your payment history.

Can I check the data has about me?

You may request an electronic copy of your personal data from us, which you may share with other providers. You will receive a response from us within 30 days with a link to download your data.

How do you ensure the security of my personal data?

Below are a few examples of measures we implement to help you protect your identity and personal information:

  • We encrypt the personal data you send us via online forms using the latest techniques to ensure that no one can intercept your information.
  • We give you the opportunity to improve the security of your account with two-factor authentication.
  • Our employees receive annual training and regular reminders of best privacy practices.
  • We protect our corporate network with multiple security layers.
  • We use physical security measures to ensure the safety of our employees and their equipment.
  • We use a combination of hardware and software to protect our network from intruders or security breaches.
  • Our own team of security experts monitors hardware and software security practices.

How can I improve the security of my personal data? relies on your cooperation to guarantee the security of your personal data. To protect your personal data, you should implement the following recommendations:

  • Use a different complex password for each of your services.
  • Never share your password.
  • Log out of your account when using a shared computer.
  • Change your password at least annually.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for your account.
  • Install a proven virus scanner on your computer.

This privacy policy was amended on August 12, 2021.